Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back at it again!

Wow, so I guess I took some time off from writing. It wasn't intentional but a lot has happened in the past year and I got a little side tracked. Not that there is any excuse, who knows if I had kept writing maybe I would be world famous by now.

I guess we will never know.

But to dwell on the past is to regret, and to regret is to stagnate, and to stagnate is to not move forward, and not moving forward is not what I do. So here I am....

Anywho, Welcome back Mikey! your blog has missed you.

As I have experienced a ton of growth in the last year, there has been some changes, some new ideas, so focus within my head that shifted. This is a great thing, it means that life is moving forward.

As I have evolved in my own training I have found that I am passionate for some aspects, less than enthused with others, and excited for new ideas, Today I will talk about my top 5 nutrition and training ideas that have shifted (or in some cases strengthened) in my life within the last year.

Here they are:

1. I want to MOVE!

I may not look as good as this guy, in fact I may look downright goofy,
but never the less my goal is to be this awesome
I am not talking about packing my things and jumping ship to a new location. Actually I really enjoy the valley and don't know if I will ever leave. But I want to develop some insane movement and body control. As I have been playing around with a lot at the gym, I will never give up on my love of lifting, I always will believe in it's importance, If you train with me expect to be lifting heavy (as heavy as your body allows), and getting strong! But I have begun to add a lot more movement  throughout my day, and within my program, and within my clients programs as well.

2. I enjoy being gluten free.

My gluten free pizza!

OK, so about 6-8 months ago I attempted to go gluten free. I ate nothing but fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed, and meat. This lasted about a week. I'll be the first to tell you what I eat, and it isn't always the greatest food. For this I gave myself the nickname "The keep it real trainer". I know what the clients go through, because I go through it too. Sometimes I like to indulge in some not so great foods. Trying to go super-trainer clean did not work for me, I struggled, I quit, I gave up. Then lent came around. I figured "my fiance is allergic to gluten, and I crave gluten filled foods, what better way to honor God than to give up something I 'Love' and honor my woman at the same time." This time I went on the search for recipes, I played around with gluten free breads and pizza crusts etc. I have found that I am actually enjoying this. and getting leaner at the same time.

3. I am happy to share my knowledge, but my knowledge does not consume me.

One thing I realized a while back was that I would catch myself getting upset that people would choose to live in total unhealthy ways. I would offer my knowledge and skills, I would constantly try to explain why and what they were doing wrong. Little did I know I was coming off as arrogant, or a know-it-all. I have realized that at the gym it is one thing to talk about someones health and fitness, but to do this outside as well is another. My goal is not to be the person that force feeds nutrition and health to everyone around me, but to rather be a friend, and family member that focuses on building healthy relationships and simply loving people for who they are instead.

4. Some clients just don't want a six pack and ripped shoulders.
Post workout nutrition anyone?

Any trainer has these clients, what they really want is the ability to maintain the lifestyle they currently have. Is this wrong? No. It is not my job to harp on them because they want to enjoy a few beers and pizza. I will teach them about healthy nutrition and great fitness, but I understand that they aren't the all go fitness fanatics and they aren't necessarily concerned with adopting an all out nutrition program. They come to me for a strong workout, to improve their well being, and to keep some pounds off of them. and to keep their strength. Just because they don't go paleo doesn't mean that they aren't committed, they just choose to indulge differently than paleonites.

5. Men typically try too lift to heavy, Women typically try to lift too light.

It is my job to fix this. I have learned the that to simply tell someone to go lighter, or to go heavier is not the way to help them. If you simply tell them, odds are that the next time they come to workout you will have to tell them again, and again, and again...until they get tired of you and move on. The key to fixing this issue is to give solid education to the client. Let him/her know why they need to go lighter or heavier, and let them know the benefits. As a coach that is your job, to teach, to mold, to enlighten, not to dictate.

As the year has passed, I have learned a lot more, but as this is my first post in a long time, I will refrain from boring you too much.
It feels good to write again....It is time to capture that fame I could have had by now.

Enjoy your workouts, enjoy your life and remember,

Mikey loves you.