Thursday, April 28, 2011

You are the best you in every moment.

I mentioned the 4 agreements as a previous post. Still one of the greatest concepts and agreements that I think of daily from this book is "Always do your best."
Meaning no matter what you are doing, do your best.
Running a 5k? Do your best
Lifting weights? Do your best
Doing laundry? Do your best
Clipping your toenails? Do your best...

You get the picture. For every big and small task you do, you must do your best. It seems like such a hard thing to do right?.....Wrong!
You may catch yourself getting irritated that you feel you could do more. But one thing you must realize is that your best is constantly changing. So therefore whatever you are doing, you are doing your best.

You can not compare yourself to who you were 5 years ago, 5 months ago, or even 5 minutes ago. for each minute that passes there are different circumstances. There are different problems, and different solutions. The key is to not get down on yourself, but believe you are doing the best that you can in the present tense.

The moment you get away from the past, the present will become stronger, the future will become brighter.
You are the best you everyday. In every moment... You just havent realized it.

The moment you think of what you used to be, should be, or could be is the moment you fall off track.
Just live your life. Enjoy it.

Enjoy what you do, Enjoy the opportunities of the present, and Enjoy the beauty of everything going on around you.

If you want to make more money, you will not do so by thinking of what could be, should be, or used to be.

If you want to clean your house, don't think of what used to be, dont get down on yourself because of the mess.

Don't think! Simply turn on music, have fun, dance around and do it.

You are the best you all of the time.

If you realize that then the regrets, the irritations, and the negative thoughts that you create in your mind will begin to fade. You are a spectacular person, a magnificent person. Realize it and your true potential will show.
even when you havent done anything on your list of things to do. guess what..
You did your best.
Your best wasn't what you imagined, but indeed it was your best.

You need to see through your expectations sometimes. because they are not always accurate.
I am reminded by a quote from one of my all time favorite musicians
"Fantasy is what we want, but reality is what we need"- Lauryn Hill.
We all fantasize about what we want, how we want it, when we want it. but in reality it won't always play out the way we imagine, more often then not actually.
We will fail more than we succeed. It is a fact of life. But through failure comes success.
You are doing your best.

If you want to do better, then get away from the past. Get away from regret. Get away from the should of, could of, or used to be's.
Live in the present, Thinking too much hinders your performance, of course it is good to reflect. It is good to understand. The key is doing it at the right time.

Think to a time when you were truely accomplishing everything you needed to do, it could be in a sport, household chores, at your job, just think to a time you were truly on top of your game. I bet you you weren't thinking of regrets or could have/should haves. You were fully tuned in to the moment. You were focused. You were living.
I understand as people we were taught what life should be through the media, our parents, friends, teachers etc. We must break that mold. For life shouldn't be anything other than what it is.
You are doing your best. Life truly is magnificent. Believe in yourself. Rid yourself of negative thoughts you may have of yourself or your actions.

For if I know one thing, this I know.

You are the best you in every moment.

and last but not least remember.

God loves you, Mike(y) loves you, so Love yourself!

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