Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inspire You. How to Achieve Happiness and Satisfaction.

Some of the smartest words ever spoken

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Change your perspective.

Trust me I know it may seem unreal to turn your situations and problems into positivity, but it can be done. I used to be the kid that would get frustrated because his cheerios got too soggy...I remember back when I was in high school I would get so mad I would punch this cubicle style wall in my house until my knuckles would be raw and bloody, was it because I wanted to be a boxer? No it was because I hated myself. I had a horrible perspective on my life and whatever upset me I had no way to get it out.

Tips on enhancing your perspective.
  • Accept yourself...Find the good in yourself, don't focus on your flaws.
  • Find your significance...Your kids, your career, your friends, your family. What makes your life significant.
  • Don't over look the simple things.
  • Look for the beauty in every situation.
  • When you do make a mistake, accept it and figure out the next best thing to do.
  • Think of the things you are thankful for.....better yet, write them down!
  • Cut yourself some slack, people tend to be so hard on themselves that the smallest mistake turns into the only problem in the world. You are fine, the moment will pass and life will be normal once again.
  • You have wants, those wants don't need to rule your life, be happy with what you have.
  • Happiness is a state of mind, not a personal trait. Create your happiness.

Your circumstances do not need to define you.

This is a singer by the name of Raul Midon. If you have never heard of him you need to look him up. His music is awesome, yes he has a good voice, not all of us are blessed with one. Understandable. Yes he can play the trumpet without a trumpet...Not all of us are blessed with that. So you may be saying he is privileged....If you don't know who he is... Raul Midon has been blind since infancy. He did not let his circumstances define him.

Tips to live your dreams, not your circumstances.

  • Accept your faults.
  • Find your desire.
  • Develop goals.
  • Develop a plan to reach goals, don't simply wish.
  • Create positive connections, It really is more so who you know than what you have.
  • Help others.
  •  Have passion.
  • Don't accept naysayers, prove them wrong.

Develop compassion and respect.

If you are constantly irritated by others, or feel like the world is full of idiots you will not be happy. Everyone has problems. The world is full of people hating other people, and for what price? Anger within themselves. Do not allow others to anger you, for harboring anger or hatred will only hurt you. You need find a sort of compassion and respect for humankind, even if they do not return it. Be the bigger person, be the happier person.

Tips to become the bigger person.

  • Don't take anything personal...what is one persons problem, does not have to be transcended on to you if you do not allow it entry to your mind.
  • Look through their eyes.
  • Accept other point of views.
  • Don't judge an others opinion.
  • Give your thoughts, don't force them.
  • Surround yourself with good people.
  • Love.
  • See the good in everyone...I can guarantee there is good in everyone.


Work does not require you to be miserable, think of the bigger picture. Work helps you live a quality life. Work gives you food on the table and provides for your family. Work does not have to be work. Give work a purpose other than monetary means. Give your best when you work, and you will reap better rewards. Be extra nice to everyone, be strong, be determined and get er done.

Tips to create a better work life.

  • Kill the negative nancys and nates with kindness.
  • When you show up to work, work. 
  • Give extra effort.
  • Find Purpose for your work. (Do you want to make it a career, is it helping you get through school, does it support your family) Purpose is necessary.
  • Find positive moments.
  • Help others. even if they fail to realize it
  • Last but not least...If you hate it there, get a new job. Even the most positive person may not be suitable for that hostile environment.

Last but not least I will leave you with one video, no commentary. Watch it. Enjoy it. and I hope this blog can help you develop the outlook you need to be happy. Remember happiness is a state of mind. Are you going to allow yourself to be?

God loves you, Mikey loves you, so love yourself..

Make your life great.

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