Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't train for vanity, Train for vitality.

As I was thinking about a  past speech class while talking to my girlfriend. I recalled a speech that a classmate gave about working out. His main arguments for working out were "it makes your titties big." and "You could walk around the beach without your shirt on to show off your titties."

(Before I go anywhere, he was referring to his pectoralis major and minor when he said titties, he didn't mean it was an automatic, surgery free boob job. Also, he was referring to the fellas not the ladies)

It got me thinking. I am glad that he enjoys working out, and was advocating exercise. The problem is that he was advocating exercise for the wrong reasons, and presumably didn't do enough research before the speech.

We must get away from training for vanity.The body is beautiful, If you are physically active and fit. You need to get away from the "I must look like the guy or girl on the magazine cover or in the movies." Odds are their pictures have been altered to mirror the "perfect body". When really the perfect body, is simply the body in it's natural shape and form.

Nobody is suppose to be perfect, we all have faults and we all magnify our faults in our own thoughts. We don't need to break ourselves down. Likewise we don't need to create an ego to compensate for our insecurities either.

We must get away from working out in order to stroke our egos. Stay modest, and live our life well. It isn't necessarily about the number on the scale, or gaining or losing a couple of inches but it is about the life you lead, and the energy you put into this world.

I have realized that as much as I joke about me being on a "bulking" up phase people tend to take me serious now and then when I say it. but in all honesty I could care less if I gain another pound. I am by nature a thin frame, I am 5'8 and roughly 148 lbs on a good day. This is my natural body type, when I get below 140 lbs that is when I have to put some weight back on. But by no means do I need to be 165 solid lean muscle.

 "So If you don't train for vanity, what do you train for??"

is what you must be thinking.

Well, It is simple really.

You train for vitality of life, sanity of the mind, and to increase your overall well being.

You train to feel great, to increase endorphins, to improve, and to prevent disease.

You train for the jokes and stories from your fellow trainees, for high 5's, and unity.

You train for your family, your friends, but most importantly you train for yourself.

Exercise has been proven to increase endorphins and a positive attitude.

If you are willing to give it a chance, it can take you out of depression, I know because I've experienced it.
If you are willing to give it a chance, it can remove aches and pains, I know because I've experienced it.
If you are willing to give it a chance, It can give you a body to die for, I know because I've experienced it...

(I kid I kid..I do not have the perfect body, I am far from it, But I am confident in myself, my training, my health and my life and that is much more important.)

Now I am by no means saying, for you to not want results, for you to not expect results, because if you do the necessary steps to lead a healthy lifestyle they will come naturally. 

It takes consistency inside and outside of the gym. It is creating a lifestyle, and when you do it for vanity purposes, exercise and nutrition will only take you so far. You will either get frustrated, bored, tired or injured and you will give up eventually. Your results will fade. 

As long as you are happy with yourself, your body, and your lifestyle. Enjoy it! but don't go looking for quick fixes if you aren't happy....There are no quick fixes. They don't exist.

This is not news, Odds are you all know this already. So stop lying to yourself, accept responsibility for your life and take action. Your life depends on it.

Delete the quick fix workout, and bland and boring nutrition plans from your memory. Your foods don't have to be boring, You could eat nutritious and tasty meals. The gym doesn't have to suck, you just can't expect magic to come from them. It takes consistency in both departments.
Learn to live the lifestyle. Learn to love the lifestyle and your life will not revolve around your results, rather your results will be a part of your life.

Don't train for vanity, Train for vitality.

With warm regards and plenty of positive energy


God loves you, Mike(y) loves you, so love yourself


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