Saturday, March 12, 2011

PMA- Do you have it?

When you wake up, what do you think?  if your like most people something a long the lines of "F&^% Its too early" will enter your head. i admit from time to time i will do the same thing, but I will force that thought right on out. the key is to not let that dictate your day, most likely you are up for a reason, and whatever the reason, it is a good reason to be up.

You may have a sick kid, you think "how is it good that i have to wake up in the middle of the night with a sick kid?" because you were blessed with that child, and when they are sick they need you. To be needed, is a magnificent thing. it is trust, love, and happiness all in one. If you have ever felt alone, you have felt the need to be needed. the desire to have a purpose, and to be needed is to have purpose.
and what is purpose? it is reason to live.

A great man, and "brother" of mine once said "the purpose in life, is to live life with a purpose"

So if you feel lost,  find your purpose. and i can bet your mood will change dramatically.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? do you look for every single flaw, point it out and create negative thoughts about yourself? or do you see a beautiful, magnificent human being. or is it somewhere in between?
To be completely honest if your image isn't the beautiful, magnificent human that you truly are, your blinders are on far too bright. we can not, and i repeat can not allow our thoughts the opportunity to break down the special person that we are.
you are beautiful, you are unique, you are the only you. you have the the power to be the worlds greatest. its just a matter of letting your guard down, your spirits fly, and your dreams build.

I have a client who will come in and it seems to me every other day it will be mentioned at least once "Do you got your PMA on today?" is the question asked. The answer, always "yes." and what is PMA you ask? it is confidence, love, compassion, passion, happiness, The acronym stands for "Positive Mental Attitude"

I am not saying you wont have bad days, you wont feel upset ever, cause i know from first hand experience, shit happens. it does. but it isn't the negatives that determine our life, it is what we do in those times of adversity. that determine our life.

We could get caught up in our problems and make it out as an excuse, but what i have come to learn over my past 3 years at CFA, is there is no what ifs, buts, or poor me's (not to belittle you, i understand your problems may be huge, but poor me is the act of not doing anything about those problems). The key is to remain positive in times of failure, heartache, and pain. a true champion can deal with whatever life has to throw at them.
and you my friend, are a true champion, even if you have not realized it yet. the power lies within each and every one of us.
My old football coach used to tell us "Excuses are like @$$holes, we all got one, and they all stink" as cliche and overused as it was, it stuck with me. i cant seem to forget it because of how true that statement was. in order to become a better person, we must deal with our problems with the idea of PMA in our heads. If we make excuses we aren't progressing, if we aren't progressing, we aren't living. We are existing.

at a seminar i attended almost a year ago now, I heard the quote that "80 percent of the normal populations thoughts throughout a day are negative." take a second and think about that, why do we allow this. i admit i am not perfect, but when a negative thought enters my head i am not going to let it sit there, i want to figure out why, and what i can do to fix it. do you? if not, why not?

Coming from first hand experience, depression is the worst drug you could ever be on, you feel worthless, lost, unloved, unneeded, and like you don't matter. but i am here to tell you that you do matter. you are beautiful, you are not worthless, i love you.

I understand your pain, and i want you to know. It is all in your mindset, i have made the shift.

you will have upset times, you will feel like the world is crashing on you. it isn't all perfect butterflies and rainbows. but if you have a strong PMA it isn't the end.

I have a challenge for you. When you catch yourself in a negative mode, count your blessings, and don't say you have none because that is a lie. if you have a computer to read this blog. YOU ARE BLESSED.

count your blessings, and remember, attitude is everything. PMA- POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE

Work on it, it isn't an overnight thing but it will happen.

 This is your one life to live, after this you don't get it back. each day that passes is your life gone. Live it happy. Enjoy the struggles. for every struggle makes happiness that much sweeter.

You are beautiful, You are Magnificent, You are the only you you will ever be.
You are loved, needed, wanted, and will be happy, if only you allow yourself to be.

i want to say Thank you for being you.

remember, God loves you, Mike(y) loves you, so love Yourself!

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