Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vitamin D all up in the system

As I walked out of my house today and got into my car, the first thing i thought to myself was "why on Gods earth am I in sweat pants!"


I know I am being a little dramatic seeing as the thermometer on my phone reads 72 degrees. Most people around the country would say "that is perfect!" and I completely agree, but with the fact of having the longest winter of my life it caught me by surprise. I caught myself sitting in a hot car wearing sweat pants, rushing to get my AC turned on as fast and high as possible.

With this beautiful weather comes plenty of opportunity for an active and fun life. No more sitting inside because "it is too wet to ride a bike." No longer is it "too cold to get out of bed in the morning." No longer do we have the excuse "I don't want to be out in the rain, I will get sick!" It is now time to take full advantage of the world around you.

time to switch things up, get outside. Play! Run! Laugh! Workout! Enjoy the sun! LIVE!

 I am going to give you a few reasons to get out and enjoy the sun these days. it goes much deeper then getting a nice tan.

These are not all of the reasons but they are 3 very vital reasons to get some sun:

 1. Vitamin D strengthens your body- With vitamin D your body will absorb nutrients at a higher level, creating stronger bones by instilling better absorption of calcium into the body. Vitamin D also strengthens your immune system, which could explain why we get so much more illness in the winter time.

2.  Vitamin D improves your mood, decreases stress, and creates a happier you!- This one is my favorite, it is pretty hard to prove through research because it is hard to control and any good study is done under very controlled conditions. I would beg to say the reason it increases your mood is simply because it is bright. Gloomy weather creates gloomy thoughts. Bright weather ignites bright thoughts. Don't believe me? it wouldn't hurt to, give it a shot. After all  who doesnt want to be happier anyways. :-)

3. Vitamin D improves sleep- Simply put, with a decrease in stress and a stronger immune system you feel better. When you are in the sun you sweat out toxins. You drink a lot more water as the heat makes you more thirsty. (thus creating more sweat and urination...yes this is a good thing, once again it removes nasty toxins from the body) You feel better, when you feel happier, you sleep better.

Now that the sun is out, we are not simply confined to working out in doors. Lets get outside. Enjoy this weather, your health depends on it.
If you feel a little demotivated, maybe the only thing you need is a little switcharooski.

Get outside. Enjoy your life. Go for a walk. Go Hiking. Play with your kids.

Love your Life. Take in the beauty that surrounds you.
Life is a miracle, the landscape of the world is remarkable.
Take it in, Let positivity run through your veins, and please do one more thing for me.

You will feel amazing.

remember everyone,

Your life is what you make it, please don't let it pass you by.
Happiness is attainable, and you deserve it.

God loves you, Mike(y) loves you, so Love yourself.

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