Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Workout Mindset.

The sweat starts to build up on your brow, you are feeling fatigued, and you realize this isn't the most comfortable feeling (unless your crazy like me and thrive off of it).

You are working out.
You have goals, and you know the power lies within you to accomplish said goals.
You know you have the potential to be in the best shape of your life.
and You know it isn't an easy thing to do.
You know it is hard, but yet there is a difference between knowing and understanding.

when the results don't come overnight (although deep in your mind you already know that they won't), you lose focus, that PMA you had in the beginning starts to flutter away and doubts begin to build. I am here to say DON'T LET THE FIRE DIE. There is much more to getting results than simply getting in the gym. Yes, you may get to the gym you may even be super consistent. It is about what you are doing to get those results.

Are you pushing yourself? Are you focused? Are you focused on what your trainer is asking of you? Are you giving it all you have?

Are you Motivated?

I have been blessed with the opportunity to train one of my boss' clients this week. actually many of them, but this one in particular. He has undergone a lot of recent health problems, he is looking to reboot himself, and become stronger then he was before.

I look in his eyes when he trains and what do you think I see? FIRE!!

This man is determined and he wants his results. Every cue that I give him, you can see process through his thoughts and put into action, it may not be exactly what i expected him to do, but he constantly will listen, process, understand, then apply my cues until he has it right.

He puts everything he has into his workouts, He is focused on each rep, and although he is not nearly where he was before his illness' he does not let that depress himself, he uses it as more fuel and pushes harder. I am not saying he doesn't have a negative thought in his body.

I catch him throwing some swear words around, and when he does, I reassure him that he is on the right path.

He honestly, has inspired me so much this week, based on the simple fact that he has a fire burning inside him, and you could feel that fire through every rep he does on every exercise. He wants it.

When you enter the gym, are you focused?

 If you do have a trainer, do you take in the knowledge he or she is feeding or do you simply go through an exercise because you think "i know how to do a plank" well guess what? If you have the ablity to talk through a plank, you are not doing a plank. (just an example, but it relates to all exercises).

There is always room for improvement, we can choose to go through the motions, or we could focus on doing it correctly. It is up to you.

so are you focused?

Are you focused on proper breathing mechanics, no matter how "silly" or self conscious you feel because of it. understanding it is necessary to feeling better, moving better, and getting those results that you desire.

Are you focused on feeling each exercise in the correct muscle groups, or do you simply go through the motion?

Are you giving everything you have in your workout?

We as a society seem to be taught that fitness is suppose to be fun in the sense that it is Social hour or a dance your pants off marathon.

oh how wrong society is.

Don't, and I repeat, Don't let your Jaw be the most sore spot on your body.
Stop the jibber jabber and focus!

I am not saying working out sucks, and to not talk, smile and laugh with each other.
But the fun comes from challenging yourself, improving on the exercises, setting new PB's (Personal Bests) and watching yourself and the people around you grow.

Who ever said it is comes easy, or says you are going to get fit simply by coming in, has lied to you. Yes, you will see some results, but my guess is that deep down, you want more.

You want to be the fittest person at your office.
You want to look great when you make a trip to the beach.
You want to be that person people look to when they say "I want to look like that guy/girl."

The problem is that you do not believe it will happen.
Everything I have mentioned, most likely you already know.

you know what you want, but you let doubts, fears, and self consciousness stop you dead in your tracks.
you need to Believe

The workout mindset is not about socializing and having fun, it is about IMPROVING, BELIEVING, PUSHING, and being RELENTLESS.

no giving up, no settling, no whining, and no excuses.

If something is necessary to getting results then DO IT.

otherwise, why are you working out? to stay where you are now? NO it is to IMPROVE.

as the great Todd Durkin likes to say "GET YOUR MIND RIGHT"

You are capable of achieving greatness if only you allow yourself.

Look in the mirror, deep into your eyes, do you see the fire necessary for growth, or do you see the flaws that you "wish" would just go away. 

If its the latter of the two its time for a shift in your attitude. Everyone has flaws, you could look at them and get upset, or you could look at them and say, goodbye.

I want you to reach your goals. achieve your dreams
and live as the strong, confident, persistent, and positive person that I know you can be
the only question is, do you want it?


you are beautiful, and you are great.
start believing it.

God loves you
Mike(y) loves you
so Love yourself!

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