Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sometimes you just need a good sweat

There are days when you are working out and you feel like king kong. There are days when you feel like Rocky Balboa.

Those are the days we live for.

Then there are days where you feel like this guy.
Yet you know you need to get in the gym and get going.

Those are the days that live for us.

When we feel tired, it is our day telling us to go in, and if nothing else get a little blood flowing, sweat dripping and wake up!

The key to getting great results is not training to failure every single day.

They key to getting great results is to be active every single day.

I would say the number 1 reason most people quit their routines is not because they can't do it. The reason is that they feel they must go to failure every time or else they aren't working.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about working out and it will do you no good. Your body will burn out, your mind will get tired of it, you will get injured and you will quit.

Yes I would say the majority of your workouts need to be intense. They need to be tough, You need to put all you have into them.

But there are days when you need to just get a little sweat.
Your body needs to wake up.

If your body is sore, exhausted, malnourished, or even simply not feeling it then your body is telling you something. 

That something is not to do nothing.
That something is to get in the gym and handle business, but be smart about it.

Get your foam roll and stretch on. Get a detailed movement prep and light conditioning work in. Do something.
Let me be clear though, I am talking to the avid gym goer, not the "1 time a week, workout until I can't move the rest of the week" guy.

Of course you will be sore sir. You, need to train again. get through it and Do work!

But to the people who train endlessly and don't understand where the results are, perhaps you push yourself too much. We must understand results aren't built simply from working out, We need to recover to truly see results.

If you constantly break down your muscles, how will they rebuild??

Training to failure and puking at the end of the workout is not a sign of a great workout. Yes it happens and yes it does feel good at times.

The only thing I ask of you is to understand it will not help you to always reach that breaking point. We need recovery.

Sometimes we just need a good sweat....

Learn to recover.
Learn to skip the double days (every day)
Learn to  focus on tissue quality, flexibility, mobility and feeling good.
Learn to be happy without total failure.
and you will learn to get results.

Go hard, by all means TRAIN YOUR ASS OFF.
But understand when your body tells you to recover.

Train hard. Eat well. Be you.

Get Results.

Have a great week.

God loves you, Mike(y) loves you, so love yourself.

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